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Get your fill of Kudzu jelly, candles, locally made soaps, miniature cotton bales and all the postcards of local sites you can handle at the Mississippi Gift Shop. We would be happy to ship! Call us at (662) 252-3669 to purchase.


Southern Bell

A Real “Southern Belle”

This sweet item is just kitchy enough to be right! Just the souvenir of your trip to the Deep South…been wantin’ to take one of our Southern Belles home with you? Here’s your chance.



Kudzu Jelly

Kudzu Bloom Jelly

Made by Pontotoc Ridge Homemade Preserves from the bloom of the ever-present Kudzu Plant…brought here as an ill-fated soil erosion control effort. The folks in Pontotoc have found a use for this plant…the bloom makes a fine  base for a preserve! Eat it…don’t plant it – comes in  8 oz. jars. Price: $6.00



Mississippi Soap

Mississippi Soaps 

Made in Water Valley, Mississippi by Janet Brewer using only natural products that enrich the skin – featured in Invitation Oxford. These delightful soaps are cast in a variety of shapes, with her most popular shape at the Museum being the State of Mississippi. We have here at the Museum a nice selection for you to consider, soaps that are both attractive and functional and just the thing for both home, or that unique regional touch for your Bed & Breakfast appointments!

Large $6.00

Small (7 per bag) $6.00

“Skeeter Beater” lotion bar $4.00

Small Lotion Bars $4.00



MC Museum Hatt

Billed Cap – Marshall County Historical Museum

White billed cap with image of Historic Depot on the front crown; one size fits all. Worn proudly by Jake Fussell, lead singer for the “Yallobushwackers” on Thacker Mountain Radio; get one to wear yourself.



Mini Cotton Bales

Cotton Bales

Large Cotton Bale. This is an authentic bale of cotton in miniature – grown and “baled” in Mississippi. This measures @ 7” x 4 ½” x 3 ½” and would make a great bookend or shelf display. Price: $7.00  

Large Cotton Bale…one that plays DIXIE! This is an authentic bale of cotton in miniature – grown and “baled” in Mississippi. This measures @ 7” x 4 ½” x 3 ½” and would make a great bookend or shelf display. Price: $7.00

Miniature Cotton Bale. Small Cotton Bale Refrigerator Magnet, a sweet miniature bale of cotton – grown and “baled” in Mississippi, with decorative ribbon that measures at 2 ¼” x 1 ¾” x 1 ½”.Price:  $3.00

Miniature Cotton Bale. Slightly larger, but miniature bale of cotton – grown and “baled” in Mississippi, with decorative ribbon that measures at 2 ½” x 2” x 1 ½”. Price: $5.00

Small Cotton Bale…one that plays DIXIE! Musical miniature of bale of cotton – measures @ 3” x 2” x 1 ½.”  Price: $12.00



It Happened Here

“It Happened Here” True Stories of Holly Springs

A most intriguing collection of stories, originally published in 1950 by Olga Reed Pruitt, a writer with the old Memphis Press Scimitar. Ms. Pruitt, taken by the town of Holly Spring’s history, character and the plethora of stories involving places, people – both famous and infamous and events which comprise the unique tapestry that is our town.



Holly Springs MS to the Year 1878


“Holly Springs Mississippi to the Year 1878

By William Baskerville Hamilton who researched and chronicled the many aspects of Holly Springs’ early settlement and its architectural, social, political and military history until the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878, from which many feel, the town never quite recovered from.



A Southern Tapestry

“A Southern Tapestry” Marshall County, Mississippi, 1835 – 2000

By Dr. Hubert H. McAlexander, who through this well-researched tome with numerous photographs and illustrations, gives us the definitive history of Marshall County, Mississippi by weaving an insider’s perspective on its almost defiant beginnings with the intertwined social history of a proud old plantation town, told through its myriad stories of valor, stories scandal and tragedy. its significant architectural development. Price: $35.00



Holly Springs Historic Architecture Series by Hamilton Brooks

Fine series of hand drawings done in 1990 of Holly Springs’ renowned inventory of historic architecture. Comes in a set of three frame-able prints; most are signed & numbered by the artist.



“Childhood in Holly Springs” – A Memoir

By Chesley Thorne Smith, a native of Holly Springs who from youth, fully embraced the unique sense of time and place in which she was born in 1910 and grew up in…that it was an old world era that was rapidly changing. With a keen eye for detail and an insatiable curiosity of her world, Mrs. Smith set out as a young girl of ten to document her changing surrounding with a camera and ask questions and basically chronicled a century of history in Marshall County and Holly springs. Price: $9.95.



“The Class of 1912”

By Inez Berryhill Adams, a graduate of the Mississippi Synodical College (MSC), an educational institution that was a prominent fixture in Holly Springs from 1903 until 1938, when it merged with Belhaven College in Jackson. MSC was a world to itself here in Holly Springs for the young women who attended there and Ms. Adams’ memoir gives us a view into that world which seems so remote from our time today. Price: $9.95



“Our Pen is Time” – The Diary of Emma Finley

Ms. Finley’s diary, starting in 1858 is carefully transcribed by Dr. Milton Winter, who also provides a narrative giving her diary entries an illuminating historical context. Ms. Finley was a daughter of a local planters, living at “Woodson” her family’s cotton plantation in Marshall County. The Finley family maintained an “in town house” as well and were related to the Davis family who owned “Strawberry Plains,” now the home of Strawberry Plains Audubon Center – a nature preserve. Price: $12.95